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Dockwiser Magazine

The Dockwiser magazine is a Dockwise publication covering developments in the Oil & Gas industry with an offshore focus. Each issue is thematically based on regions or countries throughout the world. The publication mainly consists of five balanced sections to keep the reader engaged with both internal (Dockwise) and external (Industry) developments. The Feature usually covers regional developments, history and inforgraphics. Other sections include DockTalk (Dockwise developments), Industry Perspectives (interviews with industry leaders), Creating New Horizons (Dockwise executive stories) and the Technology Focus (spotlight on Dockwise technology).

Dockwiser Offshore Energy - Issue 14

In this Offshore Energy edition of the Dockwiser, we share Deloitte’s perspective on ‘A World Hungry for Energy’ (14-15), ‘Increasing Project Complexity’ (16-17) and ‘LNG Market Growth’ (18-19). Next to that we give an inside about the Offshore Energy division within Boskalis (20-23). Next to the feature, you will explore various sections including DockTalk, where At The Helm (24-25) and Ingenium (34-35) cover activities of our people on the job. We also provide you with two different Industry Perspectives; one from the Chief Commercial Officer and Senior Vice President at Seadrill (36-37), and the other from the Director of Customer Accounts and Advisor to the COO
at Transocean (30-31). In the section Creating New Horizons Together, seasoned managers from Dockwise and Boskalis provide an insight of doing business together as they focus on Farming Offshore (32- 33) and Hybrid Solutions (26-27). In the Technology Focus section, we describe our New Kid On The Block; the Ndeavor taking
command at Malampaya (28-29). Last, but not least we include an article covering Southeast Asia’s Next Frontier - Myanmar (10-11).

Dockwiser Middle East - issue 13

The Dockwiser Middle East edition focuses on Dockwise and external developments in the region. The feature, Mecca of World Oil & Gas (12-23), covers the history of Middle Eastern oil spanning 100 years, review of top oil and gas players, world oil and gas landscape, countries leading the offshore pack and offshore drilling hotspots.
Next to the feature, you will explore various sections including DockTalk, where Pushing Limits (24-25) and Arabian Float-over (34-35) articles cover recent installation projects. We also provide you with two different Industry Perspectives from the CEO of Shelf Drilling (30-31) and Dutch Ambassador to the UAE (36-37). In the Creating New Horizons section, seasoned managers from Dockwise and Boskalis provide an insight of doing business in the region as they focus on Growing Offshore Business (26-27) and Understanding Customer Needs (32-33). In the Technology Focus section, we describe the phases of a Float-over installation (28-29) whereby semi-submersible heavy transport vessels are used to transport and install offshore topsides. In addition to the oil and gas focus, we included a leisure article covering travel in beautiful Abu Dhabi (12-14).

Dockwiser Africa - issue 12

This Dockwiser Africa edition focuses on the oil and gas boom in East and West Africa. The Africa feature, New Frontier for African Oil and Gas (17-29), highlights industry developments in East and West Africa along with investment from emerging economies and an overview of the top African oil and gas producing nations.
The successes in West Africa particularly in Nigeria and Angola have paved the way for additional countries to develop their hydrocarbon resources. Recent findings in East Africa such as Mozambique and Tanzania are a perfect example of the continents promising future. In an interview with Dockwise’s CCO, Mr. Martin Adler (28-29) shares his vision to support the international oil and gas community in Africa.
Throughout this issue we share industry perspectives based on exclusive Interviews with African Leaders (30-35). In addition, new horizons are explored together as Boskalis’ management talks about the importance of Africa in a collection of interviews consisting of Boskalis’ CEO, Peter Berdowski and two top managers active in Africa (40-45). In this edition’s DockTalk, Dockwise employees share developments pertaining to sustainability (36-38) and FPSO dry-docking (10-11).

Dockwiser China - issue 11

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Dockwiser Mexico - issue 10

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Dockwiser North Sea - issue 9

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Dockwiser Singapore - issue 8

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Dockwiser United States - issue 7

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Dockwiser Russia - issue 6

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Dockwiser Australia - issue 5

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Dockwiser Brazil - issue 4

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Dockwiser issue 3

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Dockwiser issue 2

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Dockwiser issue 1

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