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The Dockwise Group’s main contribution to helping the environment is made by our strong focus on (ballast) water management. We make every effort to ensure that all our waste water flows are treated and monitored as necessary in order to meet any relevant legislation before discharge. Our new-build yacht carrier is equipped with advanced common rail diesel engines.

Dockwise has partnered with the International SeaKeepers Society and has outfitted DYT's new super ship, the 685-foot (209 meter) Yacht Express, with the organization's innovative SeaKeeper 1000™ ocean and meteorological monitoring system. The SeaKeeper 1000™ is a fully automated unit that samples, measures, records and then transmits data to various scientific and public communities across the globe. It is deployed in some 50 locations, plotting a broad and continuous picture of the critical measures of ocean health, such as salinity, temperature, oxygen and pollution.