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Black Marlin


Length o.a. 217.50 meters
Length b.p. 206.57 meters
Breadth moulded / max. 42.00 meters
Deck Space (L X B)* 165.60 x 42.00 meters
Depth 13.30 meters
Draft submerged at FPP / APP 23.34 meters
Maximum draft 10.08 meters
Water-depth above main deck FPP / APP 10.00 meters
Deadweight 57,021 metric tons
Speed 14.5 knots
* Equipped with fixed casing at starboard

Stowage Plan

Stowage Plan of Black Marlin


3 Rowan rigs

Total Weight: 31.000 tons
Average Length Hull: 74 meters
Average Width Hull: 61 meter
Average height 124.62 meter
Average Hull depth 7.92 meter
Average Leg length 125.08 meter

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East Area GN-Topside

Facts & Figures
Black Marlin

Transportation period:
38 days (September 30th until November 6th 2005)

Cargo Particulars:
Type: Black Marlin
Weight: 18,000 tons
Length: 95 m
Width: 92 m
Heigth: 50.5 m

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Woodside Angel Topside

Facts & Figures
Transportation period
February – April 2008

m.v. Black Marlin

Cargo particulars
Type: Angel Topside
Weight: 7,300 tons
Length: 52 m
Width: 116 m (including flare)
Height:110 m (deck support frame and including flare)

Load-out operation
Loading: Skid-on side load-out
Discharging: Float-over

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Dockwise was the main contractor for CPOC, the operator. Since the contract was awarded in August 2007, Dockwise's multi-disciplined project team was dedicated to the execution of this complete transportation and installation float-over project under the direction of the company's Senior Project Manager, Aart van den Hoonaard.

Preparation for the project included custom-design and fabrication of Leg Mating Units (LMUs) and Deck Support Units (DSUs), mating and mooring analyses and synchronization of transport, structural, marine and installation engineering expertise.

After outfitting the Dockwise vessel, Black Marlin, with grillage and skidbeams, as well as additional steelworks the giant MDPP module was skidded on board the vessel at the Sembawang Yard In Singapore. After the completion of the load-out and sea-fastenings, the vessel departed for offshore location where the float-over installation took place.

"The float-over operation itself was carried out in environmental conditions that were close to those calculated as the limit for a safe operation; Wind 15 - 20 knots and decreasing after 3 pm, sea and swell approximately 1.0 m significant but with a short period that hardly caused any motions on the Black Marlin" says Herman van Raaphorst, Dockwise Director of Projects.

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After nearly two years of engineering, procurement, and project preparations, Dockwise recently completed the first of two float-overs for the Vyborg Project in Korea. The Vyborg Project is big in scope and size: It involves moving two 15,000 metric ton semi-submersible hulls and two topsides that weigh approximately 19,000 metric tons each. These pieces were constructed in locations more than 27,000 km apart and the Dockwise vessel the Black Marlin was used to successfully load the first of two topsides for transport to the float-over location in Korea, to be joined with a hull that was transported from Vyborg, Russia by the Talisman. Dockwise’s scope also included designing and installing the pre-laid anchor spread, hooking the hull to the spread and ballasting the hull to its mating draft. This part involved the use of five tugs, two anchor handlers, one workboat, two anchor barges, one test barge, a crane barge, three launch boats and guard boats.

An especially innovative feature is the “floating float-over” aspect of this project: This float-over was completed without a fixed structure. Instead, a floating structure was anchored and ballasted down to keep it in place while Dockwise performed the float-over operation.

After the Black Marlin docked into the hull, which was ballasted down to 27 meters draft, ballast operations were initiated, in order to lock the Leg Mating Units and align the hull columns and the topside. Next steps included welding the columns to the topside under a partial load transfer, after which they released the load from the Leg Mating Units and began ballast operations to transfer the full load of the topside onto the hull columns. Finally, on July 10, the Black Marlin was retracted from the completed rig and the de-ballasting operations were completed.
The second identical structure was loaded using the same process in October 2010 and successfully installed in November.

Cargo particulars

Type: Gazflot Moss CS-50 Hull
Weight: 15,000 tons
Length: 118.56 m
Width: 75.2 m (excluding anchors)
Height:36.15 m
Load-out operation
Loading: float-on
Discharging: Float-off

Float-over preparation:

Hull anchoring by total 150mT anchors.
Hull ballasting to 27 m draught using 45.000 mT water.

Transport Topside #1 and #2

Transportation period #1: April – June 2010
Transportation period #2: October – November 2010
Vessel: m.v. Black Marlin
Type: Gazflot Moss CS-50 Topside

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Bongkot Dockwise

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