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Floating Systems Design

Our team of experts have over 20 years of experience in providing solutions to Floating System Designs. This experience along with our multi-disciplinary engineering makes Dockwise Engineering Services a highly qualified firm on all types of floating systems such as TLPs, Spars, Semi Submersibles and FPSOs.

Our services for floating systems include:

  • Stability Analysis for all floaters
  • Concept Evaluation, Global Sizing and Global Performance Analysis for TLP and Spar. Mooring System Analysis and Design for TLPs, Spars, Semi-Submersible and FPSOs.
  • Global and Local Floating Structural Strength and Fatigue Analysis and Design
  • Marine Drilling Riser including TTR and SCR Analysis
  • SPM (Single Point Mooring) System, Converting CALM Buoy, Turret and Soft Yoke

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