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History and Developments


United Yacht Transport Joint Venture
Wijsmuller Transport (a division of Heerema) and Dock Express Shipping (a division of Royal Vopak, formerly Van Ommeren), established a joint venture, United Yacht Transport.


Foundation of Dockwise
Wijsmuller Transport and Dock Express Shipping agreed to combine their interests to become the world's largest and most versatile seagoing heavy transport shipping company. Dockwise was founded.


Expansion of Fleet
Dockwise expanded its versatile fleet with four Swan class dual-purpose heavy transport carriers. They were acquired from Frederiksen and added to the Dockwise fleet.


First one to be awarded ISM Code Certification
Dockwise was the first heavy transport shipping company to be awarded ISM Code certification by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate.


Mighty Servant 1 widened and lengthened
Dockwise took delivery of the jumbosized Mighty Servant 1 from the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Okpo, South Korea. This vessel had been widened by 10 metres and lengthened by 30 metres. With this enlargement it became the largest ship in the Dockwise fleet.


Merger of Dockwise and OHT
Merger of Dockwise and Offshore Heavy Transport ASA (OHT). This added the two heavy transport vessels, the Black Marlin and the Blue Marlin, to the Dockwise fleet.


First Float-Over Project
Dockwise expands its business by offering foat-over services. The first project: TOTALELF, Amenam, 11,200 metric tons.


Blue Marlin: world's largest heavy transport vessel
After conversion at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan, South Korea, where the Blue Marlin had been widened by 21 metres, she re-entered service as the world's largest heavy transport vessel. Dockwise set a new record by delivering BP’s 59,500-ton semi-submersible Thunder Horse platform in Corpus Christi, USA.


Transportation of the U.S. missile defense system SBX
The Blue Marlin transported the U.S. missile defense system SBX (Sea-Based X-band Radar) from the yard in Ingleside, Texas, U.S.A. to the Pacific via South America.


Buy-out of Dockwise
Offshore services company Heerema Group and Norwegian maritime group Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA announced and agreed the buy-out of Dockwise Transport N.V. In January 2007 3i completed the buy-out of Dockwise.


Merger with Sealift Ltd.
Dockwise merged with Sealift Ltd. and became a listed company in Norway, named Dockwise Ltd.

Acquisition of OKI and ODL
Acquisition of OKI and ODL, companies specializing in the design, engineering and installation of offshore modules.

Dockwise becomes listed company
Full listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


T-class vessels added to Fleet
Completion of the conversion of the six Suezmax-tankers into heavey transport vessels: named MVs Transporter, Target, Treasure, Talisman, Trustee, Triumph.


CPOC Project
Dockwise successfully performed the complete transport and float-over installation of 19,000 metric tons MDPP offshore production platform for CPOC located at the JDA Block B-17, C-19 and B-17-01.

Secondary Listing
Secondary listing of Dockwise Ltd. on Euronext Amsterdam.

Sale of MVs Dock Express 10 and 12


Sale of MV Enterprise
Sale of MV Enterprise


Dockwise Vanguard
Announcement of the Dockwise Vanguard, the largest semi-submersible heavy transport vessel, to be built at the Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) shipping yard in Korea.

First Contract Dockwise Vanguard
First contract for Dockwise’s new vessel. The ‘Dockwise Vanguard’ will transport the, by Chevron operated, Jack St. Malo platform hull from Korea to the US Gulf of Mexico late 2012.

Preferred transport provider for Seadrill
Dockwise appointed preferred transport provider for Seadrill.

Sale of MV Explorer
Sale of MV Explorer.

HYSY 278
Dockwise to manage and market new COOEC 50,000 metric tons semi-submersible Heavy Transport Vessel “HYSY 278”.


Dockwise Vanguard wins Award
Dockwise Vanguard wins the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Spotlight on New Technology Award.

Acquisition of Fairstar
Dockwise acquires Fairstar Heavy Transport N.V.


Since March 2013, Dockwise is part of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. which head office is located in Papendrecht, The Netherlands.

In October 2013, Boskalis successfully completed the sale of the activities of Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT). These activities have been transferred to Sevenstar Yacht Transport B.V. based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Together Dockwise and Boskalis act as a global force for developing innovative customer solutions in the transport and installation of extremely large and heavy structures optimizing and reinforcing their combined knowledge, strength and expertise in the maritime industry.