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Ocean Dynamics LLC (ODL)

OCEAN DYNAMICS LLC (ODL) is an engineering consulting company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Ocean Dynamics provides engineering and consulting services to the offshore industry. ODL specializes in the analysis and design of various offshore structures (fixed and floating), marine analysis and design, mooring systems and offshore transportation and installation.

Since ODL’s establishment in Year 2004, ODL has performed and executed many offshore engineering projects. This includes the design of fixed, mobile and floating offshore structures, heavy and complex finite element analyses, offshore transportation and floatover installations.ODL has a fully owned subsidiary company, Ocean Dynamics China, in Shenzhen City of China, next to HongKong.

Ocean Dynamics LLC was acquired by Dockwise Shipping in July,2007,and proudly becomes part of Dockwise's strategic move from world's renowned heavy lift transport contractor to floatover installation contractor.

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