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Noble Jim Day

Facts & Figures

Transport Noble Jim Day
Transportation period: June 2010
Vessel: m.v. Blue Marlin

Dockwise was selected for an HMT (Heavy Marine Transport) project with Noble Drilling. The Noble Jim Day, a semi-submersible with a deadweight of more than 41,000 metric tons, needed to dry transported. This project was completed by loading the Noble Jim Day onto the Blue Marlin in Singapore using the float-on method and discharging it using the float-off method in the Gulf of Mexico. With a length of more than 224 meters and a breadth of 63 meters, and a deadweight of more than 76,000 metric tons, the Blue Marlin was easily able to accommodate the Noble Jim Day, which has an overall length of approximately 135 meters and a breadth of more than 86 meters.

Cargo particulars

Length overall: 134.49 m
Width overall (including anchors): 86.25 m
Total height (measured from base line): 129.58 m
Weight: 41,444 metric tons

Blue Marlin

Length o.a. 224.80 meters
Length b.p. 206.64 meters
Breadth moulded / max. 63.00 meters
Deck Space (L X B)* 178.20 x 63.00 meters
Depth 13.30 meters
Draft submerged at FPP / APP 24.72 / 28.40 meters
Maximum draft 10.24 meters
Water-depth above main deck FPP / APP 11.42 / 15.10 meters
Deadweight 76,061 metric tons
Speed 13.0 knots
* Equipped with fixed casing at starboard

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