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Bayu Undan Topsides

Facts & Figures

FROM: Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea
TO: Bayu Undan gas recycle field, Timor Sea
CLIENT: Clough Aker Joint Venture (CAJV), Perth, Australia

The transportation part included two consecutive shipments from the HHI yard in Ulsan to the Timor Sea. First the CUQ topside was loaded by using a skid-on loading operation over Blue Marlin’s port side. Subsequently the unit was transported to the Bayu Undan Field. The second shipment, the DPP topside, was loaded and transported in exactly the same way. The installation comprised a float-over and mating operation using the vessel’s ballast system and different types of shock absorbers between the stabbing cones and jacket legs and between the topside and its supporting DSS (Deck Support Structure) units.

Transportation period
June – August 2003

Cargo particulars
Type: CUQ Topside DPP Topside
Weight: 11,500 tons 13,900 tons
Length: 72.0 m 65,0 m
Width: 80.0 m 64,0 m
Height: 31 m 41,0 m

Load-out operation
Loading: Skid-on over the side
Discharging: Float-over & Deck-mating operation

Blue Marlin

Length o.a. 224.80 meters
Length b.p. 206.64 meters
Breadth moulded / max. 63.00 meters
Deck Space (L X B)* 178.20 x 63.00 meters
Depth 13.30 meters
Draft submerged at FPP / APP 24.72 / 28.40 meters
Maximum draft 10.24 meters
Water-depth above main deck FPP / APP 11.42 / 15.10 meters
Deadweight 76,061 metric tons
Speed 13.0 knots
* Equipped with fixed casing at starboard

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