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Thunder Horse PDQ

Facts & Figures

Client: DSME, Okpo, South Korea
From: Okpo, South Korea
To: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Dockwise has set a new record by delivering BP's 59,500 metric tons semi-submersible Thunder Horse platform from Okpo, South Korea to Corpus Christi, USA on September 23, 2004.
Already on June 19, 2002 Dockwise was awarded the contract for the sea transportation of the largest semi-submersible PDQ (Production & Drilling Quarters) unit ever built of its kind by DSME in South Korea. The Thunder Horse PDQ has been transported on the largest heavy transport vessel of the Dockwise fleet the m.v. Blue Marlin.
After a voyage of approx. 8 weeks -via the Cape of Good Hope- and an average speed of 11 knots the Blue Marlin arrived at the yard of Kiewit in Corpus Christi, where the unit will be completed.

Tranportation period:
63 days (July 23rd until September 23rd 2004)

Cargo Particulars:
Type: semi-submersible PDQ
Weight: 59,500 tons
Length: 110.080 m
Width: 104.96 m
Total Height: 129.100 m
Overhang Blue Marlin: 20.98 m on each side

Load-out operations:
Loading: float-on
Discharging: float-off

Blue Marlin

Length o.a. 224.80 meters
Length b.p. 206.64 meters
Breadth moulded / max. 63.00 meters
Deck Space (L X B)* 178.20 x 63.00 meters
Depth 13.30 meters
Draft submerged at FPP / APP 24.72 / 28.40 meters
Maximum draft 10.24 meters
Water-depth above main deck FPP / APP 11.42 / 15.10 meters
Deadweight 76,061 metric tons
Speed 13.0 knots
* Equipped with fixed casing at starboard

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