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Dockwise and its subsidiary Offshore Kinematics Inc. act as a global force for developing innovative customer solutions in the transport and installation of extremely large and heavy structures.

In September 1993, two renowned companies, Wijsmuller Transport and Dock Express Shipping agreed to combine their interests to become the world's largest and most versatile seagoing heavy transport shipping company.

Currently, Dockwise owns a fleet of 23 (semi- submersible) vessels of different types and designs, and 2 Floating Super Pallets, all of which are in top condition:

11 Open-stern vessels (stern buoyancy, casings can be removed and shifted)
11 Closed-stern vessels
1 Open-bow and open-stern vessel
2 Floating Super Pallets

Our strategy, to offer increasingly differentiated service packages to our global clients requires a high degree of engineering capabilities.

The company’s head office is located in Breda, The Netherlands. The company’s worldwide presence is maintained through sales and marketing offices in Houston, USA, Shanghai in China, Busan in South Korea, Lagos in Nigeria, Perth in Australia, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Moscow in Russia and Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Mexico, as well as commercial agents in other parts of the world.